3 Simple Way: How to Cancel IGNOU Admission?

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How to Cancel IGNOU Admission?: There are several reasons and unforeseen circumstances due to which a candidate decides to cancel their admission from their respective colleges and universities. Though the cancellation process is difficult and time-consuming, IGNOU has made the cancellation process simple and easy. Any candidate can cancel their IGNOU Program admission by following the following steps and instructions:

How to Cancel IGNOU Admission

The Indira Gandhi National Open University offers students to cancel their admission from any of its programs. The candidates can cancel their admission through both online and offline modes. The most advisable option for opting is online mode, as it takes less time and is simple and accurate. However, students can also physically visit the university and can carry on the cancellation process.

IGNOU aims that the cancellation process is transparent, uncomplicated, and fair. It is also suggested to reach out to the respective IGNOU Regional Centre for accurate and proper information so that no delay takes place in the cancellation of admission. Students should note that if any of them have taken the term exam, then he/she is not eligible to cancel the admission.

Process of Cancellation of IGNOU Admission

The student can opt for any of the three options available.

  • 1) Through Online Mode
  • 2) Through Offline Mode
  • 3) Through Mail 

Let’s look at all the three procedures for canceling the admission.

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How to Cancel IGNOU Admission – Online Process

The student can follow the below-mentioned steps to complete their online admission cancellation form with ease and smoothly:

Step 1) At first students have to visit the official site of IGNOU. You can directly land on the official site by clicking on the given link: www.ignou.ac.in

Step 2) Tab on the Register Online option and choose Fresh Admission

Step 3) Log in to your account using the enrollment number and password.

Step 4) By login you land on the official portal dashboard. Explore the dashboard and select the option Application Summary.

Step 5) Within the Application Summary, you will get an option for Cancellation of Admission. Click the Cancel Admission button.

Step 6) All the instructions will be displayed on your screen. Follow them properly without missing any of the information. Provide all the personal details, admission details, etc., required by the university for the cancellation process.

Step 7) Lastly, click submit to complete your admission cancellation procedure.

How to cancel IGNOU Admission – Offline Mode Process

If the students wish to cancel their admission through offline mode, then students have to be physically present in the university and follow the following procedure:

1) Application:

The candidates are required to give a handwritten application to the respective IGNOU Regional Centre Head. The application should be clean, accurate, and to the point defining your reason for cancellation of admission in a particular program.

The candidates should include the details such as;

  • Name
  • Enrollment number
  • Admission Program name
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Reason stating the cancellation of admission 
  • Signature and date of submission at the end of the application 

The clear lines such as :

“Request for Cancellation of Admission” should be present in the subject line of the application so that the respective region head can consider it by approving and understanding the reason behind the cancellation.

2) Essential Documents:

It is necessary to attach all the required documents for carrying forward the cancellation procedure. You can attach the scanned copy of the IGNOU ID card if available with you. Also, add all the required documents supporting your reason for canceling the admission.

3) Submit your Application:

By following all the instructions and cross-checking your details, finally, submit the cancellation application to IGNOU Regional Centre. Wait till you receive the receipt as a confirmation of your submission.

4) Follow-up for updates:

After some time, follow up with the respective center to confirm your cancellation. You can also track your admission cancellation process through online mode provided by the university.

How to Cancel IGNOU Admission via Mail

The student also has the option to opt for cancellation of admission through mail in case he desires to. The student is required to follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1) Draft your application. The application should be correct and to the point, mentioning your reason for cancellation. Mention all the essential details, such as name, enrollment number, program name, etc. 

Step 2) Attach all the necessary documents as required by the university for cancellation of admission.

Step 3) Enclose your application in an envelope. Mention the address of the respective IGNOU Region Centre with a proper label stating “Cancellation of Admission with your enrollment number “

Step 4) Submit your application through the registered mail service as proof of submission. Track the mail to know the updates for the same.

IGNOU Fee Refund Policy

Refund Policy depends on various conditions and guidelines. It is not essential that all the fees are refund and the amount refund depends on the timing of the cancellation process. Let’s discuss some essential highlight on timing of cancellation and refund policy:

Timing Deducted amount
Cancellation before submission date INR 200 will be deducted
Cancellation within 15 days of last submission date INR 500 will be deducted
Cancellation made within 16 to 90 days after deadline INR 1000 will be deducted
After 90 days of deadline No Refund

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1)  How can a student cancel IGNOU Admission?

Answer: The students are given an option to cancel an admission through three modes, Online mode, offline mode and via mail. The student can opt for any of the three options according to their ease.

2) Does IGNOU have a policy of refunding fees?

Answer: Yes, the IGNOU refund fees on certain terms and conditions. However, if the student fails to proceed with the cancellation process within the deadline, he/she is not given a refund. 

3) After how many days will the refund be transferred to the bank?

Answer: Usually, it takes around 7 to 10 working days to issue a refund to the candidate’s bank account in case of cancellation of admission.

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