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IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2: Regional centres are established by universities with a purpose of coordinating and supervising the work of study centres in various areas of the country. All the Regional Centres mentioned are IGNOU Affiliated. IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2 provides various courses, including UG, PG, Diploma and certificate courses. The IGNOU Regional Centres are formulated with cooperation of the respective State Government. Let’s take a detailed view on IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2:

About IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2

IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2 was established in the year 1998-99. This particular centre was formulated within the bifurcation of the Delhi Regional Centre into Delhi 1 and Delhi 2. It has areas like North Delhi, North-East Delhi, East Delhi, and Central Delhi. The regional director of Regional Centre Delhi 2 is Dr. Kanan Sharma. Students can enrol for admission before the last date of admission process of July Academic Session 2024.

IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2 Admission

IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2 opens its admission applications twice a year, in January and July. The Academic Session for January 2024 has completed. The IGNOU Regional Center Delhi 2 admission has opened its admission for the academic session July 2024 for the UnderGraduate, Post Graduate, Certification Course and Diploma. The last date for filling the application form is 30th June. Applications are accepted through online mode. The registration and application fee is INR 300 for all courses provided by the university.

IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2 Contact Information

Address: IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi-2,

IAEA House 17-B Indraprastha Estate, Ring Road, New Delhi – 110 002, India.

Email ID: rcdelhi2@ignou.ac.in   

Official Website: http://rcdelhi2.ignou.ac.in

Contact Details:

Contact Support: 011-2337 9373

Support: 011-2337 9376

Alternate Contact Support: 011-2337 9377 

Working Hours:

Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM ( Excluding public holidays and government holidays)

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the name of the regional director of IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2?

Answer: Dr. Kanan Sharma is the current regional director of IGNOU RC Delhi-2.

2) What are the working hours for IGNOU RC Delhi Centre 2?

Answer: The working hours for Delhi-2 is 9:30AM to 6:00 PM. The candidate can visit the department in case of any queries within the given time.

3) Can I collect the study material from IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2?

Answer: Yes.You can collect the study material from any IGNOU Regional Centre by showing your IGNOU ID card.

4) What is the timing of lunch at IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2?

Answer: The timing of lunch at IGNOU Regional Centre Delhi 2 is around 1:00 to 1:30 PM or 2:00 to 2:30 PM.

5) Is IGNOU open on Saturday?

Answer: No. The working days of IGNOU are Monday to Friday. The university is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

6) How long does it take to change the study centre in IGNOU?

Answer: It typically takes a period between 4-6 weeks to carry forward the process of Chan the study centre in IGNOU.

7) How many total Regional Centres are there in IGNOU?

Answer: IGNOU has around 56 Regional Centres and 11 Recognized Regional Centers ( 6 of which are IGNOU-Army RRC, 4 IGNOU-Navy RRC, and 1 IGNOU-Assam Rifles RRC).The university has around by 2000 Learner Support Centres across the country.

8) What is the responsibility of the Regional Centre in IGNOU?

Answer: The Regional Centres are helped in  promotion of the Open University system, development process, maintenance and monitoring of Study Centres and Student Support Services and organisation of staff development programmes in the region.

9) How many courses are provided by IGNOU?

Answer: IGNOU is one of the largest open universities in India. It offers around 228 courses to students in distance learning and online mode.

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